The TRS is designed and manufactured in Great Britain and you can order direct from us on our website. However, if you are ordering outside of Great Britain you may wish to order through one of our authorised distributors to reduce shipping costs and potential customs duty. Please contact them directly to make your order.

Australia TRS distributor

Austria TRS distributor
Ben Mannix Golf

China TRS distributor
Dr Rock Wu

France TRS distributor
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Holland TRS distributor
Pee Jee

Italy TRS distributor
Ben Mannix Golf

Japan TRS distributor 1
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Japan TRS distributor 2
Edison Golf

Korea TRS distributor 1
Daniel Han

Korea TRS distributor 2
Thunder Golf

New Zealand TRS distributor

Portugal distributor
Nick Ounstead

Spain distributor
Nick Ounstead

South Africa TRS distributor
Mark Beattie

Switzerland distributor
Marcus Knight

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