The TRS Ball

Created by Liam Bond, the TRS ball ensures a consistent arm structure and connection during your golf swing.

Say goodbye to constant readjustments between swings thanks to the unique Velcro armband system. Trusted by top players worldwide, TRS Balls & Sticks are the ultimate training aid for your golf bag.

As used by some of the world’s best coaches and players…

Featured Video: Robert Rock

I like it because it keeps a nice relationship between your forearms…it’s really important because it takes a lot of stress off your wrist, makes your left arm fold better and it helps with it being on the velcro band because you don’t have to keep readjusting.

Robert Rock

Matt Baldwin

Justin Rose

Enjoy the benefits of the TRS Ball in your own game

Amy Boulden

Jordan Smith

Two of the biggest issues I see on the forward part of the swing is the lack of rotation and scooping or flipping of the wrists. TRS Training Aid is an awesome tool to help players of all levels get the correct feelings.

Bob Grissett

Top 25 coaches in America, Golf Tips Magazine

Milo Lines Golf

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