The Tour Rotation Stick

TRS is the perfect training aid to help with body rotation through impact. Suitable for chip, pitch, and full-swing shots.

Its unique clamp system ensures quick, easy usage while minimising vibration and noise.

Trusted by top players worldwide, TRS Balls & Sticks are the ultimate training aid for your golf bag

As used by some of the world’s best coaches and players…

Tommy Fleetwood using TRS live on Sky Sports™

Jordan Smith

Enjoy the benefits of the TRS Stick in your own game

Tommy Fleetwood, Robert Rock and many tour players use the TRS in their training every day. The secret to improving or changing a pattern is to control the environment. In other words forcing the player to make correct motions. I use the TRS in my teaching and it’s one of the best Training Aids I have ever used. I highly recommend it.

Bob Grissett

Top 25 coaches in America, Golf Tips Magazine

Milo Lines Golf – TRS Drills

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